Koinobori in Wonderland

Large Scale Vector Illustration Project

Artists and designers from inside and outside Japan design the original Koinobori carp streamers under the theme of “Wishing for the healthy growth of children.” Around 100 of these original and unique designs will float gracefully on the pleasant breeze. Works by creators located in Hawaii are also featured for the first time this year, in addition to ones from embassies of various nations. Try and find your favorite koinobori carp streamer from among these many wonderful designs.

My koinobori visualizes characters and scenes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Scenes depicted include the queen of hearts royal guard searching for Alice in a magical forest. Hidden elements such as the Mad Hatter’s hat, Cheshire Cat’s tail and March Hare’s pocket watch make viewing the koinobori a game.

Date: Fall 2018

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